Zeronto Baby Gift Basket vs Traditional Baby Gift Basket

Gift Baskets has come a long way dating back centuries ago. In today’s modern age, Gift baskets has become an important part of gift giving not only for traditional occasions like Christmas and Easter, but also for various events like wedding, job promotion, baby shower, welcoming newborn and others.

Everyone loves receiving gifts. Gifting someone with Gift Baskets is definitely a perfect way to show your appreciation or to congratulate them for reaching important milestones in their lives.

Why Traditional Gift Baskets need a major change!

Traditional Gift Baskets are typical wrapped using transparent plastic wrap, cellophane, glitter, shiny satin ribbons and bows, artificial flowers and other similar accessories to make them look as beautiful as possible. Although it is a pretty sight, these one-time use wrappers and accessories are mostly made of plastic and other related materials that are non-biodegradable and would eventually end up in the landfill and ocean as hardly any are recycled. Even the biodegradable cellophane wraps are equally harmful to our planet as their production requires toxic carbon disulfide and they could end up releasing methane at the landfill.

On top of the wrapping issue, the fillers in traditional Gift Baskets like shredded paper, straw fillers, foams, colored tissue papers and others are simply wasteful especially when used just one time.

Zeronto Basket

Competitors Basket
No Plastic Wrapping
No Cellophane (Clear or Printed)
No Shiny Ribbons & Bows (Synthetic Materials)
No Fillers (Foams, Straws, Shredded Papers, etc)
No Glue Dots & Plastic Tape
Reusable Cloth Wrapping
Plastic-Free Toys
Organic/Eco-friendly Clothes
Water-based Personalized Prints

Zeronto Baby Gift Baskets offer a premium baby gift set beautifully wrapped in a cotton cloth using Furoshiki-style wrapping. This eco-friendly bundle includes a range of high-quality, sustainable items: organic cotton clothing, stainless-steel baby bottles, natural wood comb and toys, and safe natural rubber teethers. The basket combines practicality with elegance, making it an ideal gift for welcoming a new baby while promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle.


Zeronto Baskets

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