About Us


In 2020, Eva and Francis founded Zeronto with one purpose in mind – to create an environmentally sustainable gift that is not only of high quality but will help shape the way to greener lifestyle.

And here is their story.

It all began when Eva and Francis had their first child. Of course, they were thrilled - and as with many newborns, their excitement was shared among their family and friends. From the birth in Toronto to visiting Eva's family in Los Angeles, they began to receive their first baby gifts to celebrate the occasion.

The couple were very grateful for the gifts, but they quickly noticed the sheer volumes of unnecessary packaging that the gifts were wrapped in. Layers of plastic, shinny ribbons, straws, and foam started to fill up the garbage bin. They began to despair at the waste.

Suddenly, an idea struck - what if we can change this? What if we can design a greener, more sustainable way to present wonderful baby gifts that will reduce waste and positively impact the family and environment?

Following their vision, Zeronto was born.

Zeronto was created by Eva and Francis to provide a useful and thoughtful baby gift that not only brings joy to you and your family but will help the fight against our planet’s battle with excess waste and pollution. Both the products and the packaging in a Zeronto basket is designed to be reusable, recyclable, and responsible, and will ensure you and your baby can enjoy a gift designed to benefit the whole family. 

Our Mission

At Zeronto, our aim is to bring happiness to your family by removing this unnecessary waste and replacing it with a safer, greener alternative that is free of harmful chemicals and ensures you can use the entire product.

We want to make a change. And we know you do too. We believe in the power of individual actions and all the small choices that make such a difference.

So, let’s start with our children and gift them something to be proud of.